NADIX Dry Paint Spray Booth

Paint spray walls are used to filter air from the waste generated in the painting process. They will be used in workshops, small/medium-sized paint shops and production lines. Compared to a spray booth, it is a much cheaper option and provides a very high efficiency ratio of ~98%.

The dry paint spray wall is made of high-quality materials (galvanized metal sheet) and is carefully designed to provide the best possible ergonomics. Two filters are used for filtering: cardboard filter and PAINT STOP glass fiber filter. This combination provides low cost, highly effective air filtration. Every paint spray wall is made of high-quality sheet metal and components, because we do our best to offer you a product that will last for many years.
All our paint spray walls are equipped with a high efficiency ATEX fan, filters, complete ejection system (elbows, pipes) and start-up documentation.

Kompletna lakiernia NADIX - Ściana lakiernicza NADIX SL3020, Plenum nawiewne NADIX PN3030, Odciąg podłogowy NADIX OP3030