NADIX Air Supply Plenum

The air supply plenums are devices that are responsible for supplying fresh air to the paint shop and that air is passed through appropriate filters installed in the system. This allows to clean the air, and thus to eliminate any contaminants that may adhere to a fresh layer of varnish on the painted component. Ceiling mounted units save space in the workplace and provide a laminar flow of air, which means clean
 air that is free from dust. This makes the paint process much
 easier and improves the quality of the coat of paint.

The products we offer are a proven way to improve the quality of your paint work and the quality of your final product. We prepare full technical documentation for all devices and will continue to provide employees with a complete experience as far as using the device is concerned.
With our experience, we can tailor products to your specific guidelines so that they work
 as efficiently as possible.

Plenum nawiewne NADIX PN3030 - 3000x3000mm